The fusion of hip hop and dance music keeps evolving, and new kids on the block The Rockaways are smack in the middle with their new single “Like U.” Featuring the legend that is Young Buck, the duo’s debut single comes out on Herø Records, a conceptual imprint that focuses on visual art. This single has everything we loved about the early phase pop-meets-dance music, á la The Chainsmokers or Zedd.

Insomniac Events, the promoters who run Electric Daisy Carnival, have a decently long history of running festivals with camping. Their Beyond Wonderland and Nocturnal Wonderland events have had camping at least the past two years, and the camping at Middlelands and HARD last year were impeccable. Still, it seems that even at their flagship event, issues can run rampant.

With the state of affairs in American government right now, it was only a matter of time until an artist created a politically charged song that called out our crooked politicians. Stickybuds was perhaps a bit on the nose with his track title, but he definitely gets his point across loud and clear with some help from Richard Kim.

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